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tales of adventure, real and otherwise.



Ghost Marshal

Jessie Parker is a woman on a mission: to avenge her father’s brutal murder. But in Deadwood 1876, she has about as much chance as a wax cat in hell—until she partners with the cantankerous ghost of Wild Bill Hickok. Together they face sinister outlaws, a supernatural conspiracy—and forbidden romance. Ghost Marshal is a rip-snortin’ Weird West tale packed with balls-out, page-turning thrills.

"As if the story alone wasn’t fabulous enough, Hamilton uses all the old Western tropes like a master." — Bestselling author David Bruns



Have you ever wanted to know more about Western legend Wild Bill Hickok? Discover the true story of the gunslinger known as the “Prince of Pistoleers.”

Wild Bill Hickok was a man of many skills: pioneer of the Great Plains, Civil War scout and spy, lawman, gambler, stagecoach driver, showman. He was a crack shot with nerves of steel. When he drew his weapon, it was with one aim: to kill.

"Covers basic information about his life and times in the Wild West. Good read, well written story and would recommend.” — Amazon Reviewer


Join award-winning science writer John Hamilton as he investigates Mars, describing its hold on humankind’s imagination and exploring the latest scientific efforts to unveil its many mysteries.

Mission: Mars tells the story of the Red Planet, from ancient folklore to modern orbiters and rovers surveying its dusty surface. Every mission is covered, from the Mariner orbiters to the Viking landers, from the Curiosity rover to future Mars colonies. Vital information about the planet includes its geology, atmosphere, gravity, and orbit.

Isle Royale

Shipwrecks, gangsters, and the mother of all storms. Living in a lighthouse can be murder. How far would you go to be a hero?

“I loved this book! … [It] is a fun, fast read full of phantoms, mysteries, old pirates and young adventure with a delicious feel for life. Suitable for young adults but lots of fun for grown-ups, too.” — Bestselling Author Kathleen Valentine



Discover the true story of Jesse James, the outlaw who terrorized the heartland, but whose legend grew to make him an American Robin Hood.

Jesse James was a villain to most people, a hero to others. He was a Missouri farmer, a ruthless Confederate guerrilla fighter, a loving husband and father, and a robber of banks, trains, and stagecoaches. He led a gang of desperadoes on a 16-year crime spree that sprawled over at least eight states.

“I can just imagine riding along with the James and Younger gang going different places, shooting and taking my place right along with them ...very good and detailed story.” — Amazon Reviewer

Lewis & Clark: Adventures West

Lewis & Clark: Adventures West brings to life the Corps of Discovery's epic journey. Excerpts from Lewis & Clark's journals add depth to the book's riveting narrative. Richly illustrated with rare historical photos, maps, paintings, journal sketches, and breathtaking photography, it's an exciting tale for anyone—young or old—with a thirst for adventure.

“Well researched and beautifully illustrated.” — Ron Laycock, Past-President, Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation



Join award-winning science writer John Hamilton as he traces humanity’s race to the moon and the exploration of the final frontier.

The Space Race tells the story of the dawn of rocketry to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Every manned American spaceflight is included, from Project Mercury to Gemini to Apollo. Also covered are vital details about important Soviet spaceflights, as well as America’s space shuttle, the International Space Station, and planned future missions.

“… readers will find themselves immersed in the excitement.” — American Library Association Booklist


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John Hamilton

Writer of tales of adventure, real or otherwise

John C. Hamilton is a bestselling novelist and author of more than 300 nonfiction books for young adults. His work has received critical acclaim from School Library JournalChildren’s LiteratureWe Proceeded On (the official journal of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation), and many others.

John’s young adult book Battle of the Little Bighorn earned 2015 Spur Award Finalist honors from the Western Writers of America. He is a two-time winner of the Golden Duck Award for Excellence in Children’s Science Fiction Literature, and his epic retelling of the Lewis & Clark expedition, Lewis & Clark: Adventures West, was a Minnesota Book Award finalist for Young Adult Nonfiction. School Library Journal said “(Hamilton’s) books present a remarkable amount of information and provide readers with a clear understanding of complicated issues.”

John enjoys martial arts, photographing rodeos, target shooting, researching history, and playing with Finn, his trusty schnauzer. He can be found most summers with his family either exploring the American West or hiking along Minnesota’s rugged North Shore.


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