Ghost Marshal

When a badass woman meets a gunslinging ghost, all hell breaks loose.

Jessica Parker arrives in 1876 Deadwood, only to find her gold miner father brutally murdered. Jessie and her motley companions—including the cantankerous ghost of Wild Bill Hickok—confront a murderous gang of outlaws. They soon find themselves knee-deep in gunfights, Chinese sorcery, barroom brawls, pleasures of the flesh, demon owls, forbidden romance, and a heaping dose of frontier justice. Along the way, Jessie and Bill uncover a bizarre conspiracy that takes them near enough to hell to smell smoke. From prairie wildflower to badass gunslinger, Jessie Parker is destined to become a rip-snortin’ hero of the Weird West—if she lives long enough to tell the tale!

Ghost Marshal is the action-packed first book in John Hamilton’s paranormal Weird West series. Filled with brimstone and bullets, a rogue’s gallery of heroes and villains, and “a massive showdown worthy of the Weird Western genre,” Ghost Marshal will leave readers grinnin’ like a weasel peekin’ in a henhouse door!

Lasso a copy of Ghost Marshal to see Jessie and Bill team up against the ultimate evil today!


"As if the story alone wasn’t fabulous enough, Hamilton uses all the old Western tropes like a master... But the best part about the book was the ending. Hamilton manages to take the ol’ standby, the shoot-out finale, and put it on paranormal steroids. Climactic, satisfying and faithful to the genre at the same time. I flat out loved “Ghost Marshal,” or as Hamilton would say: “I’m as happy as a puppy dog with two tails.” — Bestselling Author David Bruns