Lewis & Clark: Adventures West

Originally published in hardcover and a Finalist at the 17th Annual Minnesota Book Awards, now available for the first time as an ebook! Perfect for school reports, but a gripping tale for everyone, young or old. Featuring 187 illustrations; 4 maps; Travel tips; Glossary; Index; Foreword by Ron Laycock, past-president of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.

Lewis & Clark: Adventures West tells the greatest true-life adventure story in American history. In 1804, the Corps of Discovery set out to explore the unknown lands of Louisiana Territory and beyond. For more than two years they struggled against untamed rivers and clawed their way through rugged wilderness, all the while surviving raging storms, grizzly bears, starvation, and sickness.

They also witnessed the beauty of the American landscape: endless plains, snow-capped mountains, and hundreds of newly discovered plants and animals. They crossed paths with dozens of Native American tribes, with cultures both rich and fascinating.

Led by two extraordinary commanders, they would be the first American citizens to gaze upon the vastness of the Great Plains; first to cross the Continental Divide; first to struggle over the Rocky Mountains until they reached rivers that ran westward. Pushing on, they would be the first Americans to reach the Pacific Ocean overland from the east.

“Well researched and beautifully illustrated.” — Ron Laycock, Past-President, Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

“The narratives are well written. Clear and lively, they make seamless and effective use of primary-source material. The journals of both Lewis and Clark are interpolated frequently, always adding depth and illumination to the text. Illustrations are equally judiciously chosen and well placed. The use of Clark’s maps is particularly inspired and serves to create respect for both the cartographer himself and for the task set out for the Corps of Discovery… an excellent stepping stone to in-depth adult titles such as Stephen E. Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage.” — School Library Journal

“The text offers a concise outline of the expedition, and it is nicely illustrated by a mix of paintings and new and vintage photographs. For his research, Hamilton traveled the length of the trail and took virtually all of the contemporary photos.” — We Proceeded On, the official publication of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

“[Hamilton] filled the book with pictures to make the journey come alive for his young readers. The book is filled with photos of historical sites, Lewis and Clark re-enactors, vast landscapes, and wildlife. He also makes use of historical portraits and maps throughout the work.” — Michele Linck, Sioux City Journal