Jesse James

Discover the true story of Jesse James, the outlaw who terrorized the heartland, but whose legend grew to make him an American Robin Hood.

Jesse James was a villain to most people, a hero to others. He was a Missouri farmer, a ruthless Confederate guerrilla fighter, a loving husband and father, and a robber of banks, trains, and stagecoaches. He led a gang of desperadoes on a 16-year crime spree that sprawled over at least eight states. Jesse James is brought to life in this easy-to-read title by award-winning Western author John Hamilton. Jesse James is part of the bestselling Heroes and Villains of the Wild West hardcover series, now available for the first time as an ebook! Perfect for school reports, but a gripping tale for anyone captivated by the Wild West.

In this concise (7,000 words) biography, you’ll discover:

• Jesse James’s childhood and family history.

• How Jesse came to hate the Union North and became a Confederate guerilla.

• His exploits during the Civil War.

• Why he became an outlaw after the war.

• The details of his most famous—and infamous—robberies.

• His death-defying escapes from the law.

• A detailed account of the doomed Northfield, Minnesota, bank raid.

• His tragic final days in St. Joseph, Missouri.

• 13 historical and reenactment photos, plus map.

• And much more!

Jesse James is an easy read, thoroughly researched, and a straight-shooting account of the man behind the legend. Lasso a copy and start your Wild West adventure today!